Ok I am annoyed enough to write this post up.  Let’s start out by saying this, and please repeat after me…”In the real world, this relationship is abusive and toxic.  This is not a relationship that should be mimicked.”

Now that is out of the way, Joker and Harley are in the best of a bad situation.  What does that mean?  It means that they are the only two who are best suited for each other given their lifestyles.

Let’s look at the above page.  In it, Joker is throwing an absolute fit because Harley did something on her own and she was seen with Bruce Wayne.  This is not the actions of someone who thinks she is nothing more than a patsy.  This is a lover’s reaction.  You see, Joker sees the world differently than you and I do.  To him, the world is a sad pathetic place.  More importantly, life is a joke.  Everything we do, we say, we hold on to is one big joke and he gets it.  What’s also equally important is that HE must be the one to show the world just that.  He knows that no one understands that and treats him like so mentally ill child.

What he never expected to happen was to find someone that not only thought he was attractive and perfect, but that they understood the joke.  Oh Harley gets how he thinks, and that enrages him.  He is smart…smarter than most people as far as he is concerned, but he is also incredibly prideful.  Yet, here is this blonde kid who understands why he does what he does.  He could never admit that there might be someone who is equal to him.  So he acts towards her the only way that he can without letting the world think he is soft.  He shows her love by simply letting her be around him.  To him, that is the highest honor you can get.  He works on plans that include her.  He allows her to stay is his place.  To him, she had the honor of being seduced by him. 

On the flip side, Harley gets all of this.  She would never do anything to shatter that image completely.  She knows how unstable his temper can be.  She knows that if he really was pushed, he would actually kill her.  But she has also seen the softer sides of him.  The times when he breaks from the character that the world sees and is actually loving.  She has seen both sides to this man…AND SHE GETS IT.  She understands how Joker shows love, both in the spotlight and behind closed doors.

To simply look at these two from the surface is doing a massive injustice to who they are.  Do the world a favor and pick up a comic, watch the tv series, go further than just seeing images here or there and making a decision.


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Ivy: Meeeee
Harley: ldal96
Editing: Ldal96
Photo taken by: Our friend Roey

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Hey guys my friend has a new blog dedicated to angels like gothicy aesthetic kind of angels check it out if you’re into that kind of stuff. 

cool relatable post for people who live in Florida


fuck this place

Who the fuck is Ivy Pepper…

Who the fuck is Ivy Pepper…

The Joker gets meta.


New 52 Batman


New 52 Batman